Hi there! I live in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, a city frequently ranked #1 in "best small cities to live" lists. The heart of our downtown is located on an isthmus surrounded by four lakes. It is gorgeous and full of music and art, foodie delights, and cocktail patios, all of which help make the winters bearable. Usually.

I'm married to the coolest dude I know and we are managed by our dog Cece and our cat Stifler.

I write fiction and essays about art, history, politics, and justice. You can find all my stories neatly organized in Lists because I'm a type A unrelenting control freak, who is trying to learn how to stop worshipping productivity.

I created Mirror in the Sky, an online community exploring the 100 best albums, movies, and novels. Immersing ourselves in our best art gives us hope for humanity and a better world. Why not click the link and join? It's free! I would love to meet you!

If your introverted self says "no thanks" to virtual meetings, how about writing for the Mirror in the Sky publication? Each story just has to mention one of the albums, movies, or novels. I would love to read you!

Say hello to Stifler, chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool:

I also founded the professional services firm Fine Point Consulting, where I built an acclaimed workplace culture and helped startups and nonprofits flourish.

Say hello to Cece, the Mountain Cur, who steals your warm spot on the couch the minute you move:

Read more of my writing at luellaschmidt.com, keep in touch with me on Twitter, and don't forget to subscribe to receive my stories right in your inbox.

Thank you!

"Be excellent to each other!" -- Bill S. Preston, Esq.


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Writer ✱ Creator ✱ Entrepreneur ✱ I write about history, politics, & justice ♥ and the Top 100 albums🎵, movies🎬, & novels📚 luellaschmidt.com ♥ Peace ♥