You Fascists Are Bound To Lose

America This Week: February 6, 2022

Luella Schmidt
8 min readFeb 6, 2022


Dispatches from the front lines of the Disinformation War: A weekly news roundup for people fighting for the right to be self-governed.

The title of this week’s piece is from “All You Fascists” by Billy Bragg and Wilco. It’s World War III peeps, that’s what this disinformation war is, and that reality is getting tough to ignore. The violence and threats of violence are real. The extremism is real. Weapons-grade disinformation has killed hundreds of thousands of us and its traffickers have infiltrated our government and media.

First the bad news. And y’all, it’s pretty bad.

GOP Deserts its Voters, Embraces Fascism Nationwide

  • GOP Candidates in Michigan encouraged supporters to commit crimes against Americans. Candidate for Michigan governor Ryan Kelley encouraged poll workers to unplug voting machines if they saw “something they didn’t like”. Mike Detmer, running for State Senate, encouraged listeners to “lock and load” and “show up armed”. Tampering with election devices and intimidating voters are both crimes.
  • The House GOP Twitter account continues to spread disinformation. This week, they deceptively edited the Press Secretary’s response to a question about crime, pretending that she laughed at taking crime seriously. Later, Fox News edited the clip even more to further gaslight their viewers.
Author’s screenshot
  • GOP Texas Rep Chip Roy outed himself as a QAnon devotee, not fit for office. QAnon believes that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is part of a secret satanic cabal of child traffickers, and that he has fled to the United States for protection. Roy tweeted: “If Justin Trudeau is hiding in the United States, we should return him to Canada and make him face his own people immediately.” Trudeau had just held a conference from his official residence. Seriously people, what the fuck.
  • GOP Kentucky Rep Thomas Massie quoted a neo-Nazi child porn offender to disparage Anthony Fauci. When he was told he was quoting a Nazi criminal, he left the post up anyway. A few days later he announced that he would refuse to take a meeting with any company that is requiring its employees get…



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