Timeline of Trump’s Stolen Intelligence

The DOJ Filing

Luella Schmidt
5 min readSep 7, 2022


Trump’s attorneys filed a motion for “Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief” on August 22nd, fourteen days after a legal search of the resort where Trump now lives. As predicted by legal experts, the motion opened the door for the Department of Justice to file a response that could provide more details of the alleged crimes. Here are the details, all of which are taken from the DOJ filing.


The National Archives realized that Presidential Records were missing and worked throughout 2021 to obtain those records voluntarily from Trump. Multiple letters from Archives officials are attached to the filing as proof.

Picture included in the DOJ’s filing of some of the documents seized in the search

January 2022

After extensive efforts, an initial 15 boxes of records were returned to the National Archives. At this time, Trump did not assert executive privilege, nor did he make any reference to the records’ classification status.

February 2022

When the National Archives reviewed the materials in those 15 boxes, they identified items related to classified national security — the kinds of documents that must be stored and viewed in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility or SCIF (pronounced SKIFF). The highly classified records were unfoldered, scattered among other records, and not properly identified. Some of the pages had been torn up. This led to the Special Agent in Charge at the Archives’ Office of the Inspector General to send a referral letter to the DOJ. The referral included a citation to a specific criminal statute, 18 U.S.C. § 2071, which refers to concealment, removal, or mutilation of government records.

March/April 2022

DOJ sought to access the 15 boxes of materials so that the FBI and the Intelligence Community could examine the contents and make adjustments to policy, warn sources whose lives may now be at risk, and otherwise know what kind of highly classified materials may have been shared at Trump’s resort. The resort has notoriously made headlines for possible foreign spy activity.

May 2022

After following the guidelines of the Presidential Records Act and numerous delays by Trump’s team, the FBI finally…



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