There Ain’t No Coup d’état Hiding at the Bottom of a Cracker Jack Box

America This Week: 01/30/22

Luella Schmidt
8 min readJan 31, 2022


Dispatches from the front lines of the Disinformation War: A weekly news roundup for people fighting for the right to be self-governed.

Props to Meatloaf for the title of this week’s piece. Meatloaf, like so many before him, was misled into believing that denying himself a free, life-saving vaccine was “freedom”. He died of COVID this month.

Republican Voters: Your Country Needs You

The Republican Party continues to splinter before our eyes as party elites try to decide whether to go down with the Trump/Carlson fascism ship or to salvage the Party by holding on for dear life to their pro-democracy, conservative values. Every time I search for a conservative viewpoint on an issue, I’m met with all idiocy and zero policy ideas. I believe conservative voices are important because I believe having different viewpoints is important. But fascism is not a “viewpoint”; fascists get their asses stomped and there’s no compromising with them. Ever.

This disinformation war is threatening, injuring, and killing people, every single day. A frightening large swath of GOP party elites have joined forces with foreign adversaries to attack Americans in this war. And I don’t care whether our fellow Americans vote Democrat or Republican. We are all being attacked by these feckless dicks. When I call out the assholes doing it, I’m referring to the people with power, not their victims. I’m still hopeful that more of the GOP’s regular voters will continue to wake up to the situation because I have friends and family in this category who I love and respect.

For Example: “GOP Governors Under Attack From MAGA Monsters They Helped Create”. A whopping 8 of the 15 GOP Governors up for reelection are being primaried. I hope y’all are paying attention because the disease is eating the GOP alive.


  • This week, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) repeated a long-debunked claim that thousands of athletes have died from the vaccine. Johnson has a staff, paid for with our money, who, I guarantee you, understand the difference between well-sourced, trustworthy investigations and quackery. They…



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