The Final J6 Hearing: The Glorious Feeling of Holding the Powerful Accountable

And the Awe of Living through Big History

Luella Schmidt
7 min readDec 20, 2022
Writer’s screenshot of today’s Committee meeting

The January 6th Committee held its final meeting today. If you haven’t followed the hearings, they were a masterclass in the effective use of Congressional time and resources. Eighteen months, 1,000,000 documents, 1,000 interviews. The work was professional, exacting, and powerful. And it needed to be. We’ve never been here before as a country. We desperately needed excellence in this moment, and, much like my Minnesota Vikings over the weekend, we got it. That, in itself, is a rarity worth celebrating.

High Five, fellow Americans, GoodStudio at Shutterstock

Today, members recapped the plot that Trump and his co-conspirators carried out to overturn the election via corrupt lies, pressure campaigns, fraud, and a violent insurrection. The Committee also listed the specific crimes they will refer to the Department of Justice for prosecution.

Behold Big History!

This is the first time in American history that a former President of the United States has been criminally referred to the Justice Department for prosecution. Holy shit. Today’s short…



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