Recap of the J6 Hearings to Date

and the DOJ Investigations

Luella Schmidt
4 min readJul 11, 2022


The next hearing is tomorrow, Tuesday, July 12th. The hearing will focus on the extremist militias and Trump ties to those groups. You can watch past hearings or watch live at the Committee’s website.

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Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Hearing 1

Vivid video and testimony of the horror of that day, the weapons used, the bloody hand-to-hand combat, and the astonishing bravery of law enforcement as they tried to protect the lives of the trapped Congresspeople, Senators, and the VP.

Hearing 2

GOP officials testified that Trump was told multiple times that he was about to lose the election, and then that he did lose. Trump knew there was no fraud in the election. He not only lied, he bilked our neighbors out of a quarter of a billion dollars to “fight fraud”. Multiple GOP officials helped perpetrate this fraud and raised funds off the lies.

Hearing 3

One part of the conspiracy was to pressure VP Pence into overturning the election himself on J6. Multiple GOP officials told us how Trump’s Team was told repeatedly that this idea was illegal but they continued to pursue it. Trump deliberately and repeatedly told the attackers that Pence was to blame. This led to the VP fleeing for his life.

Hearing 4

Another part of the conspiracy was to convince state electors to sign fraudulent documents indicating that Trump won in their state, even if he didn’t. This hearing told us that, again, Trump and his team were told this plot was illegal but they pursued it anyway. Multiple conservatives testified about the threats to their lives and the lives of their families as Trump and his mob terrorized officials all over the country for not supporting his lies.

Hearing 5

A third element of the conspiracy was to pressure the DOJ to keep himself in power. He planned to install someone completely unqualified because that person promised to lie for Trump. He was stopped because nearly the entire leadership of the DOJ said they would quit rather than aid such treachery. They also gave us more detail about how many looney conspiracies they had to…



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