Reasons for Optimism?

America This Week: In Tatters or In Charge?

Luella Schmidt
7 min readNov 2, 2022


WTF is Happening

The attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband has me freaked the fuck out. The QAnon cult radicalized YET ANOTHER person into committing a terrorist act. They attacked the capitol, they attacked an FBI office, some have murdered their whole families. There’s a Wikipedia page of all of the violent acts they have perpetrated.

If you are not aware of QAnon — also known as Anon, Q, or The Great Awakening — adherents believe that all Democrats, Jews, and Hollywood Elite are satanic child eaters who, by the will and grace of God, will be rounded up and executed in front of them. I’m not at all kidding. That’s the goal.

Meanwhile, the head of the Republican Party sits in his recently raided home posting QAnon memes all day on his deplorable, dilapidated Trooth Social. Trump used to just hint at Q when he was in office, but now it’s all the time, right out in the open. So apparently Q has taken over the entire Republican Party. With the barest handful of exceptions, they are all just fine with BIG government instead of small (imagine how expensive it’s going to be tracking half the population’s menstrual cycles and all out-of-state travel), with MORE government intrusion in your private life rather than less, more of our money spent on tax deductions for planes. Just like that. No more conservatism. There is only Q/MAGA.

They Did What?

Ya’ll, what happened after that Pelosi attack story broke would be HILARIOUS if it wasn’t capturing so many of our fellow Americans’ brains. Immediately after the attack at the Speaker’s house, the right wing ecosystem went crazy, trying to find an alternate explanation. I mean, the head of their party acts as if he’s also the head of a dangerous terrorist group. You have to come up with something, if only to distract. Here’s what they came up with: “the attacker was a known lefty, gay lover of Mr. Pelosi and it was a drunken, lover’s spat”. Bwahahahaha, you know things are bad if that’s the best you got for fuck’s sake.

No He Didn’t

Oh, but wait. The fake story filtered up through low-level influencers, up through the people with even more followers until finally, Elon…



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