American Oligarchy On The Move

The Week Since The Midterms

Luella Schmidt


The week since the midterm elections has been filled with historic and occasionally opaque power struggles as the American Oligarchy very noticeably regroup on the world stage, following humiliating losses.

In this piece:

  • Democracy Wins
  • Election Highlights
  • Oligarchy Reaction
  • Gen Z Cancels the Boomers
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Democracy Wins

By now, the results are clear. The MAGA/Q fraction of the Republican Party — that Biden termed “semi-fascist” and people like me have been hollering warnings about for years — lost BIG all over the country. It was a giant win for Democracy. Democrats defied midterm history. A majority of voters followed the evidence and the January 6th Hearings enough to understand that there was no voter fraud in 2020 and that those candidates claiming otherwise are frauds themselves.

Of course, it’s never all good news. The fight is far from over. Multiple members of the House of Representatives, who will be sworn in in January, are election deniers. An estimated 31% of the population will now have an election denier as their governor, attorney general or secretary of state. Ron Johnson, who said he participated in the weaponized-law portion of the insurrection won another SIX-YEAR TERM in my state of Wisconsin. Ouch.

But the country has earned a minute to breathe.

Election Highlights

  • Not a single election denier will run a swing state’s elections in 2024.
  • The norm of conceding when you lose an election is back. These things are vital to Democracy.
  • Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan survived a kidnapping/murder plot and still managed to win reelection and flip BOTH HOUSES of the legislature blue.
  • In Michigan, the Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State are all women.
Photo by Bridge Michigan
  • The Democrats picked up a net two governorships.



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